Developing Character and Leadership - in the Classroom and on the Athletic Field

Welcome to the Character Development and Leadership site. Below you will find two distinct programs: Character Development and Leadership is for use by students in a classroom setting and the Student Athlete Program is for use by athletes in an athletic environment. Together, these programs change students, change schools and change communities. 

    Available courses

    This is a comprehensive program that is taught in a high school or middle school classroom to develop the character and leadership of students. It has 15 years of evidence-based research, it is aligned with the common core standards and it can implemented in a variety of ways. 

    This Program is specifically designed to improve an athlete's character and leadership capabilities in an athletic environment. This program will give coaches and athletes tools to focus on these concepts every day of the season, thereby strengthening each athlete and the team.

    This course contains anonymous surveys for students to complete before and after the Character Development course. If your school ordered the research package, you will be given a password that enables you to enter the course and take the surveys. If not, you don't need to do anything.

    This is a 1-week sample from the student athlete curriculum.

    This is Character and Leadership Development course for athletes in the National Amateur Fall Baseball Federation. It is open to all athletes in the organization.

    This 1-week sample from the classroom curriculum is provided so that teachers can preview the material. All 18 units focus on a unique trait and use the same consistent format of 12 lesson plans to teach each trait. 

    This is a 1-week sample from the student athlete curriculum.

    The goal of this program is to improve an athlete's character, sportsmanship and leadership in an athletic environment.